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Lets Revive Kogi Together

The Creed

We believe in the supremacy of God over the affairs of mankind as touching everything, including the emergence of leaders. 


We believe that leadership is a tool for building a better society where every life counts and the resources of all are used for all.


We believe that God expects those in leadership position to dispense service in the most just and equitable manner.


We believe God does not waste resources, be it human, material, financial or natural resources. He will not support those who do, neither will He continue to let His people suffer when they have all the resources to live better.


We believe that God primarily expects leaders to provide 4G model of service which includes to give, guide, guard and govern the people.


We believe that leadership is not about one person but one people. We are one people as long as we refuse our differences in tribe, tongue and religion to divide us. 


We believe God did not make mistakes when He gave us different tongues, tribes, cultures and locations. God wants us to show through our unity and oneness, the beauty in our diversity.


We believe God has removed every limitation to what we can achieve when we are together and work together as one.


We believe now more than ever before that we need the strength of all (leader and followers), focusing on one mission to rescue our State from worsening beyond rescue. 


We are fearlessly resolute and confidently marching to answer the call to serve our great people.


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